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RPM Euro Games PUBG Trigger R11

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Playing mobile game with four fingers.The L1R1 Trigger buttons would assist you improve the playexpertise.Made of quality semiconductive material, sensitive and precise, prevents firing by mistake.Unlike bit buttons, triggers canpermit your fingers to rest on them and hearthwithin the least time, whereasconjointly avoid sweat and fingerprints on your screen.Scratch/mark proof design – it has been designed with foam finish to prevent any sort of mark on the prestigious touch-screen phone. Play like a pro – Fortnite and PUBG Mobile game controller.Playing mobile games with four fingers rather than use thumbs solely.This mobile controller with L1R1 triggers by ratemonetary unit Games can take your play skills to consequent level, simulating a game controller experience.You can currently move, turn, aim and shoot – all at identical time.Covered under 3 months manufacturing defects online warranty.

My Review – I’ve used two pair of triggers before, which were around Rs 250-300, and I had to return both of them because they weren’t good enough, but these pair of triggers are really good. Got it for Rs 390, and these are really worth it.
Easy to use, durable and I would recommend you to buy this even though they cost a little more than the others, but you’ll instantly love these.
They come with 1 year warranty as well.
The game I’m playing is PUBG, it does improve your aiming and firing.
Just go for it without a doubt

Baseus Trigger Pair for PUBG and Fortnite 

pubg triggers

Owning this Baseus mobile game rating tool to allow you to be the winner within the game! – engineeringstylebombformfor straightforward holding doesn’t delay the operation, not block your vision, play games for an extended time while notpain your hands.

My Review – Some time button doesn’t work
And it is difficult to fit in phone every time you have to remove cover to use this

L1R1 Joystick Controller Handle for PUBG

pubg triggers

My Review – A must buy product! Worth the money! I loved it! The sensitivity is good, the best thing about the trigger is its built quality. Though it has been only 7/8 days but I loved the build quality. It will also fit in every phone. If you are a PUBG lover and want to increase your Kill Death ratio then go for it. It also comes with a hard case where the trigger remains safe when not in use.

LTK Thanos X7 Mobile Pubg

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Thanos X7 Pubg Trigger doesn’t Block the Map a goodread. sensitivebit, Eat Chicken Quickly!Moving Aiming And Shooting At an equivalent Time, scale back The response timein order thatyou’ll be able to Shoot The Enemies Quickly.

My Review – Use this it,s better than any other controller
It is suitable in any device . very made and precise.
It has good stability and fast response in play and better performance
Awesome for play and very good material
Fully satisfied 5star for this.

Kmnic Blue Shark Mobile Pubg Trigger

pubg triggers

Introducing yet one more masterpiece from Kmnic, the BattleMods designed particularly for FPS gamer giving them the sting over the competitors by property them with efficiencymistreatment four-finger management.

My Review – Trigger is lightweight with a metallic button easy to use and ABS high-quality material, Hypersensitive Shooting with your index finger while your thumb is moving you can use the backside button even, no delays.Trigger design with minimum screen coverage.Fit to mobile with any back phone cover.

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