American Express Confirm Card

Have an AmEx card but confused how to confirm it? Cease all your brainstorming and Googling right now for you have arrived at the right place. We got you covered! So just keep calm and follow us and we will have you confirming your American Express cards in no time.

American Express Confirm Card

For those of you who don’t have much of an idea, an AmEx or American Express card is one of the most popular credit cards in the world. To give you an idea let us get you down to the hard facts–over a billion AmericanEx Credit cards are in circulation all over the world, half a billion of which is in the United States, as at the end of 2018. Its popularity is owed to it its unparalleled services and facilities. It is also remarkable for its heritage and history, the thought child of a prestigious financial institution which came into being in the mid 19th century. AmericanExpress has three major categories of cards, namely, Credit, Charge and Partner. So basically, the cards that we use are Charge cards. It’s the one we use to make purchases which are paid for by America Express and the amount has to be repaid in full by the due date, usually on a monthly basis. Credit cards are similar to Charge cards except they have a particular spending limit that cannot be exceeded, also their balance does not have to be paid in full every month and can be carried forward along with some accumulated interest. AmEx tends to be a little restrictive regarding the number of cards a member can have, which isn’t really very limiting considering the maximum limit per member is four charge cards and four credit cards. AmEx is one of a kind in its decision to provide its clients with both charge as well credit cards.

So fasten your seat belts as we take you on a ride through the whole process of AmEx confirm card. First of all it is not a mammoth task, so relax and just follow our tutorial on America Express online application process. The idea is to simply confirm with the website confirmcard that you have actually received the card. There are two ways of activating or confirming your card, online or via phone.

Confirmation via internet

Let’s begin by enlisting the prerequisite paraphernalia for getting this job done. One would require a laptop, smartphone, tablet or a PC, an internet connection, an email address, the credit card number (15 digits), the card security code (4 digit) and other basic personal details such as a home address and phone number.

A few requirements, however, must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for an American Express card, such as being a US resident, being 18years or above in age, a clean and high credit score clear of bankruptcy for at least the past 7 years, and finally, not having any financial law case filed against him or her. So gather all the necessary stuff and start by opening your browser on your smartphone or computer and type www.american Be sure to have a fast and secure internet connection; preferably a private network.

Upon opening the website (american, click on the “American Express Confirm Card” button to go to the official site which is You will be asked to enter your card details on the first page in order to begin– the four digit Card ID and the card number comprising 15 digits. This stage is the easiest and you will not be asked to fill in any other extra details. Fill in all the requisite details in the sample American Express credit card picture and click on “Confirm”. Next you need to “Login” to or “Register” for your Amex account. If you are a newbie, click on “Register”, enter your email ID and a strong password, fill-in your personal details including your phone number and zip code, and mother’s maiden name. These details will be verified with the ones you had provided when you had first applied for the AmEx card. Once you are done click on “Finish” et voila you are now successfully registered on You can use the username and the password to access your account any time in the future. For veterans no need to register again, you can simply log in by entering your user ID followed by the password on the homepage of american

Confirmation via phone

By the way, another similarly convenient method of activating your Amex card is via your smartphone, which doesn’t require any paperwork and one can simply call and ask the Amex guys for confirmation. The official toll free number for the same is 1-800-362-6032. Just call on the toll free number, follow the lead of your guiding customer service operator, and enlighten him or her about the card that you want to confirm along with all the details. But just a tiny safety note, that a real customer service operator can never ask you any kind of sensitive information like your CVS number, etc. The operator will then verify your mentioned details in their database and post confirmation they will instantly activate the card.

About Gift cards

Even if you have an AmEx gift card and are eager to redeem it online registering it first on americanexpress com confirmcard is mandatory, as because every online store is part of the security system and crosschecks the billing addresses. Which is why it is impossible to use an unregistered card for online purchases. Even this card can be registered like the previous one by calling “1-877-297-4438”, a toll-free number. Similarly, provide all details and the security code, get it registered and use it anywhere on the web.

If you have just applied for your American Express credit card, it is going to take somewhere around 7-10 days in order for your card to arrive at home, which comes in a white envelop on which their official logo is printed. Post-arrival feel free to confirm your card with their official site americanexpress/confirmcard, or else it would not possible to swipe it.

Read all the terms and conditions before using your card, and for any further information, you could always go to AmEx’s official website. Always remember that without online confirmation it will be impossible for you to use the card either online or offline, as in case of the AmEx gift card. In case you face some glitches or hurdles you can always try again. The confirmation services at americanexperss.con/confirmcard  are available round the clock.

The perks of using american express/ confirm card are plenty. The benefit of using AmEx cards are available to the income groups with annual income as low as 6lakhs. The cards are valid for shopping, both online and offline, dinning and even travelling. The users get to avail discounts in lifestyle products, in movie ticket bookings, in concert tickets, in case of dinning out and in many many other areas. The users frequently get coupons and rewards as well other exciting deals such as cashback awards and other prizes. Being a globally established firm, the cards can be used world-wide. Amex even provides you with a wide array of cards to choose from–AmEx Platinum card, AmEx Platinum Travel Credit Card, AmEx Smart Earn Credit Card, and so on. The travel cards provide you with extra travel benefits such as better travel insurance. There are even Membership Reward cards which provide bonus membership rewards points on every transaction as well as on renewal, which can be redeemed for so many exciting stuffs. Their aim is give you extra benefits on every transaction every expense. AmEx will have you spoilt for choices. 

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